If You’re Looking For Truly Experimental Music…

December 24, 2007

Go check out Battles. This band is doing what a lot of bands can only pretend they’re doing. Battles is creating new sounds. The band’s last single “Atlas,” which was released earlier this year, is remarkably original. All music listeners have the natural tendency to try to compare new music with something they already know. But, frankly, I don’t know where to put these guys. They just don’t sound like anything that could be a noticable influence. And really the “rock” genre is not big enough to hold Battles, though I’m sure many would box them into that category. (((The great thing about this band is that they raise the question of genre. Too many artists give into the conformities controlled by big record labels. The labels want everything neatly packaged into identifiable genres so they can spawn the necessary buzz about a particular genre in order to make the most money. It’s all about control.)))

Battles is living up to their name. You just cannot categorize this band without a fight.



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