Bjork is beauty

December 15, 2007

ashleywilliamson_09.jpgI had the rare opportunity to see Bjork live in Atlanta back in September. While I’ve seen musical names like Coldplay, Kansas, The Who, and others live over the years I have never before witnessed anything like Bjork’s concert. It really didn’t even feel like a concert. It felt more like an emotion…or, rather, multiple emotions tugging at my core. Her soaring vocals, ethereal music, and quirky stage antics were combined into a show of complete beauty and originality.

At one particular point in the show (I believe during the song “Unison” or “The Anchor Song”) I found myself so entranced in the beauty of the music that I zoned out completely. I was sitting with my elbows on my knees and my head in my hands. My mouth was open slightly. After a few moments of child-like wonder, my mind came back to reality, and I looked around to see if anyone had noticed my foolish awe. As I glanced around, I realized that everyone…and I do mean everyone…was sitting completely still, all just as dumb-struck as I was at this Icelandic dream.

Bjork left an imprint of beauty on my soul.


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